Reglaze your existing frames


Re-glazing of your own Prescription glasses or Prescription sunglasses with new glasses lenses.

Many of our customers are very happy with the frames they already have for their prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses and would simply like them to be re-glazed with new glasses lenses.

This may be because their prescription has altered or that their existing lenses have been damaged in some way. Thererfore, assuming that the customers frames are in good enough condition to re-glaze with new prescription lenses or prescription sunglasses lenses, then we are very happy to carry out this work.

We offer an extensive range of glasses lenses for our customers to choose from, most of which can be fitted into your existing frames. Our standard CR39 glasses lenses are suitable for the majority of our customers when they are choosing lenses for prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses.

However, CR39 lenses may not be suitable for all customers, particularly those with the need for stronger prescription glasses. Therefore, we also offer Transitions (or Sunsensors) lenses, thin (high index) lenses, tinted lenses, polycarbonate (near unbreakable) lenses.

Once a customer has chosen the type of prescription lenses they would like we can offer single vision lenses (for reading), single vision lenses (for distance work), bifocal lenses (for near and distance work). Add to this our ability to supply varifocal lenses when appropriate then we really do offer a complete package.

Fully Rimmed Reglaze Rimless Reglaze Semi-Rimmed Reglaze Varifocal Reglaze

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